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The RU-programme ‘ICT in Education’ at our faculty

Digital testing
We have had a pilot at our faculty. To read the experiences from Daan Boezeman in Faculty Matters of July 2017.

Recording clips in the studio
For example: read the experiences from Joris Knoben and Jan Verhoeckx in Faculty Matters of March 2017.
Or read the experiences from Thomas Eimer who had his students create clips as an assignment, in Faculty Matters of April 2017.

A tool to train communication skills, such as interviewing skills. Read the experiences from Huib Ernste, Marjolein van Eerd, and Maria Kaufmann in Faculty Matters of March 2017.

It is possible to record your lecture as a weblecture. Have a look at the RadboudNet page about weblectures (only in Dutch) to see how to have your lecture recorded and how to create the link to the weblecture in Blackboard.