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Administration and education

Course dossiers
The new system to create an archive of the Course Dossiers of our faculty has been implemented in March 2017. At the moment the system is used by two departments. See Faculty Matters of March 2017 for an impression of the ‘Course Dossiers System’.

Course evaluations
At the moment course evaluations can be done ‘on paper’ or ‘online’. The ‘online’ version is done via Blackboard. Since Blackboard will be replaced by Brightspace, the faculty will need to look for an alternative. At the end of Block 2 there will be a pilot to do some course evaluations via the software Evalytics. Besides that the faculty will look at the tool that ‘Evaluation Service’ is planning to use for ‘online’ course evaluations, besides their ‘on paper’-evaluations.
The bachelor- and master-programmes are being evaluated via the online tool ‘Lime Survey’. This happens right after the student has filled in his/her online application form for his/her diploma.

Osiris and Blackboard
Some technical details on enrolments in Osiris and Blackboard. How does it work?
Students enrol for a course in Osiris. Overnight Osiris synchronises with Blackboard in such a way that all the students that are in a course in Osiris, will be in that course in Blackboard. And when a student is NOT in the course in Osiris, the student will be ‘set to unavailable’ for that course in Blackboard.
Teachers (u-numbers) will also be added by Osiris to Blackboard overnight, but they will not be removed from Blackboard by Osiris (this needs to be done manually). So when a teacher would like to be added to a course: ask the Education Centre to add your u-number in Osiris. And when a teacher would like to be removed from a course in Blackboard: ask the Education Centre to be removed from Osiris AND ask ‘ICT in Education’ to be removed from the course in Blackboard.
For an organisation in Blackboard: all enrolments are done manually by ICTO.

Application for diploma’s and certificates online
Since 2015/2016 all students from our faculty fill in their application for their diploma or certificate online. The application forms for all study programmes in Dutch are only in Dutch and the application forms for all study programmes in English are only in English.
After applying for the Bachelor or Master diploma the student will have the opportunity to fill in the Bachelor or Master evaluation.