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The latest projects at our faculty, october 2017

All mathematics of curriculum in learning environment Sowiso
At the Economics department Jana Vyrastekova and Chris van Hooijdonk have been granted subsidies from the “RU Proeftuin”. They will use SOWISO (an online learning platform) to create a totally integrated research methods programme for the entire Bachelor’s programme; a complete overview of all the mathematics, statistics and methods included in the curriculum, which is easily accessible. See the interview in Faculty Matters June 2017.

Clips including conditional feedback
Rutger Schilpzand (Economics) has been granted the “RU proeftuin” last November and has created interactive video-clips to teach mathematics and to trigger the student to try to solve the problem himself, during the clip. To see these clips on YouTube: Clip Cobb-Douglas and Clip Cournot Duopolie

Peter Kruyen has created a feedback-tool combining the survey-tool LimeSurvey and the statistical software ‘R’ in such a way that the respondent of the survey recieves feedback right after filling in the survey. This increases the response-rate to the survey. See the interview in Faculty Matters June 2017.