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Preparing for the relocation to the Gymnasion: ‘Interactive screen’ and ‘collaborative learning rooms’

Relocation: new equipment
At the end of this year, we are relocating and new equipment will be available in the teaching areas in the Gymnasion. In some rooms, interactive screens will be installed. Two ‘collaborative learning’ rooms (using WeConnect) will also be created where groups of students can work together on computers.

Interactive screen work group
Sven Vrins (Education support) and Lies Verberk-de Jonge (ICT in Education) want to explore the educational and technical potential of the new equipment and software with teaching staff. To do so, the ‘Interactive screen’ work group has been created. The tutors currently taking part in this work group are: Peter Kruyen (Public Administration), Nanne Migchels (Business Administration, Marketing), Jana Vyrastekova (Economics and Business Economics, Economic Theory and Policy), Sascha Füllbrunn (Economics and Business Economics, Financial Economics) and Johan de Kruijf (Public Administration).

What do we want to be able to do?
In the months running up to the relocation, we want to find out what ‘our lecturers’ want to be able to do with the interactive screens and explore ‘good examples’ of ‘interactive screen’ use in education. Once we are in the Gymnasion, we want to be able to offer good support in the use of the interactive screens.

‘Pen-software’ and extra ‘tools’ in PowerPoint
The work group had a first training of the interactive screen: ‘Pen-software’ will be installed on the computers in the classrooms and extra ‘tools’ in PowerPoint (for the presentation-mode). In this way, the ‘touch-screen’ function will be enabled during a presentation. This software will also be available for your own laptop so that it can be used in combination with the ‘interactive screen’.

Available now in a number of classrooms (Erasmus building)
The following classrooms in the Erasmus building have already had ‘interactive screens’ installed such as the ones that will be placed in the Gymnasion: E2.08, E2.18, E3.01, E3.04, E3.05, E3.15, E3.18, E3.20, E2.70. Perhaps you would like to have a look some time to see how they work?

Ideas? Seen a good example?
Do you have time to brainstorm with us and are you interested in joining the work group? If so, contact ICTO. But we would also like to hear from you if you have ideas for using an interactive screen in your education programme or if you’ve seen a good example of ‘interactive screen use’! Then we can explore it further.